Message From Registrar

Days passed into month and months into year and its simply a process. Moving towards this ongoing process Nepal Engineering Council has stepped into 16th year of its establishment incorporating an increasing numbers of engineers from various discipline as its family.

Shouldering the responsibility  to put Engineering application more scientifically, Professionally and practically .NEC ,as per its ACT, is vested with statutory authority for planning, formulation of Norms & Standards, monitoring & Evaluation and ensuring coordinated and integrated development of Engineering education in Nepal.NEC holds the responsibility to  grant approval for starting new technical institution and for introduction of new courses or programs in consolation with the agencies concerned. To meet obligation, NEC has developed Norms & Standards for Engineering Institutions which is periodically upgraded, making it more effective.

The Council has developed Norms for post graduate education which will be immediately executed once it gets approved. Similarly it is  planning to put forward an examination process for registration after  the amendment of the Act. The council is also preparing to implement the provision of registering names in category " B"-Professional Engineer, according to the regulation of NEC,2057,as per the provision of clause 37 of the NEC Act.2055.

Engineering, much like other science, is a broad discipline which further roots into several sub-disciplines. These disciplines incorporate different areas of engineering works. Although initially an engineer will usually be trained in a specific discipline, throughout an engineer's career the engineer may become multi-disciplined, having worked in several of the outlined areas. Nepal Engineering Council monitors and inspect the quality of Engineering Education so that the Engineers can globally cope with the competitive market.